30 Years On and Still Going Strong…

30 Years On and Still Going Strong…
June 22, 2016 Madison Deckert

Jim Barry Wines’ Celebrate 30 Years of the Famous Florita Vineyard

30 years ago, on June 20 1986, Brothers Mark, Peter and John Barry purchased Australia’s most famous Riesling vineyard, The Florita Vineyard located at Watervale in the Clare Valley.

They successfully purchased the 80 acre property, which was planted to Riesling by Leo Buring in 1962. The Barry’s and John celebrated their purchase with a bottle of Riesling as they dreamt of the future, thinking about the wines they would make and the people that would enjoy them.

Thirty years on, Peter and his sons Tom and Sam are celebrating 30 Years of The Florita Vineyard, a milestone in the history of Jim Barry Wines and Australian Riesling.

Third generation family winemaker, Tom joined the family business in 2010 and expressed his gratitude to be making Riesling from such an iconic vineyard.

“It’s one vineyard, but there are so many different sub plots that have varying flavour spectrums. Every year is different, some are riper, some more delicate, but we always try to make Rieslings that reflect the vintage”.

As National Sales Manager, Sam Barry first recognised the significance of the vineyard when communicating with people in the industry.

“Some of them have been drinking Florita Riesling since the 70’s and have had a relationship with our Rieslings over the last 30 to 40 years. Going forward, hopefully there is another 40 years of Riesling production and we can take them on a journey into the future”.

Peter reminisces about the day his family purchased the vineyard. Their goal was to make some of the best dry Riesling in Australia and the world.

“Seeing how our wines have aged and how they are considered in the world of Riesling, I think that we can say that we have achieved that goal after 30 years”.


Join the family, as Tom and Sam welcome you as members of The Barry Brothers Wine Club. Each pack has been handpicked by the Barry Brothers to showcase the very best of Jim Barry Wines.