Jim Barry were one of the founding members of Australia’s First Families of Wine (AFFW). Formed in 2009, the aim of the initiative is to promote Australia’s premium wines and celebrate the stories that have shaped them, from the families that have created them.

The AFFW represents 12 family owned wineries, from 16 Australian winemaking regions, across 4 Australian states. Currently, the group hosts a number of events locally and internationally to engage with consumers, retailers and restaurateurs and showcase the real characters of Australian wine. It also aims to support the next generation of winemakers who are learning the family trade.

Jim Barry are proud members of the AFFW with Peter, Sue, Tom, Sam and Olivia Barry all actively taking part in the events held in Australia and across the world.

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  • Next Generation Family Members

Membership criteria for the AFFW

To be included in the prestigious group all members must have a landmark wine in their portfolio, for Jim Barry this is The Armagh Shiraz. A member must have the ability to do at least a 20-year vertical tasting. They must have a history going back a minimum of two generations. Ownership of vineyards more than 50 years old and/or ownership of distinguished sites which exemplify the best of terroir. There has to be a commitment to export and environmental best practice. The cellar door experience should be educational and enjoyable. Each family be paid-up members of the Winemakers Federation of Australia.


Join the family, as Tom and Sam welcome you as members of The Barry Brothers Wine Club. Each pack has been handpicked by the Barry Brothers to showcase the very best of Jim Barry Wines.