“Cool Treats for the Warmer Weather” Tony Love

“Cool Treats for the Warmer Weather” Tony Love
September 21, 2015 Madison Deckert

It’s time for a spring clean! That doesn’t mean hard work.

Start moving to lighter wine styles, fresh with the zest and energy of vibrant fruit and the lift of attractive floral aromas.

Jim Barry 2015 Watervale Riesling is one of the best ways to take a first step into the world of Riesling.

This wine starts with the prettiest of blossom and musk fragrances, and a note of cut apples too.

Then the most precise set of Riesling flavours takes over, citrus driven as expected, limes and lemons to the front, with the bite more reminiscent of pink lady apples rather than tearaway lemon juice, and likewise its pithy palate feel. Delish.

The 2015 Watervale Riesling is now available online and can be enjoyed with delicious pork steaks with spicy apples.

Tony Love | 16th of September | The Advertiser



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