September fine wine release on La Place de Bordeaux 2023

This month, Tom and Sam Barry travelled to Bordeaux to launch the 2019 The Armagh at the fine wine release on La Place de Bordeaux. To have the opportunity to show our wine at such a prestigious forum is a continued source of pride for our family that is only amplified when we receive positive reviews, which we have shared below.

Tasted by: Georgina Hindle

(at Bordeaux, 01 Aug 2023)

Score: 98 Points

Drinking Window: 2023 - 2045

Wild roses, smoked meats, perfumed strawberries and green peppercorns, I love the nose on this wine. Broad and imposing straight away, layered and deep the tannins make the first mark, really filling the mouth with a chalky, velvety plushness that is massy and so wide. The tannins do most of the talking but once they subside and melt into the cheeks, the spiced red berry fruit, liquorice, flint/slate, tobacco, clove, dark chocolate cinnamon and leather come through - this is full of complexity, muscle and power yet carries so much aromatic interest. Clearly still young and not as generous or easygoing as the 2018 at this point last year but this is built to last and has something so utterly charming and inviting about it. Totally moreish and delightful. I adore this wine but put it away and come back to it in a few years. 3.5pH. Ageing 18 months in French oak. Winemakers Peter and Tom Barry.

Tasted by: Jane Anson

Score:98 Points

‘Powerful, with smoked earth, juicy damson fruit, bitter black chocolate, pomegranate, luscious and enticing, with fragrant spice of anis and fennel. This was a warm vintage with low yield of around 15hl/h, but the tannins were clearly extremely well handled, giving a gentle insistence to this wine that refuses to go away, and yet never overpowers. Aged entirely French oak (as it had been from the 2017 vintage) with vines that at this point were more than 50 years old. Tom Barry winemaker, bottled unfiltered and unfined.”