Powerful wines for powerful people

Powerful wines for powerful people
March 26, 2015 Madison Deckert

The team at Jim Barry Wines have always known that their powerful red wines from the Clare Valley have been the tipple of choice for powerful people around the world.

But an article in the UK’s Daily Mail this week has unveiled further proof of this with British PM David Cameron proudly displaying a bottle of the 30 quid Jim Barry McRae Wood Shiraz on his bench amongst his collection of designer kitchen gadgets.

The article, which has caused a stir amongst the British public, names and costs a number of obscure and expensive kitchen ingredients, essentials and implements.

Without any political bias Peter Barry responded to the article today with his signature Australian parochial response.

“Well it’s no surprise that people in positions of power around the world drink rich and elegant Australian Shiraz.

“The Armagh Shiraz has been enjoyed by many powerful people over the years, from American Presidents to Australian and Irish Prime ministers and international rockstars.”

As for the newspaper column describing the wine as ‘Cooking Plonk’, Peter responded accordingly.

“We can only assume that Mr Cameron uses the best wines for cooking as well, after all why ruin a beautiful dish with cheap plonk,” he joked.


The Jim Barry McRae Wood Shiraz was identified as item Number 6 in the photo above.

The full article can be seen here:



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